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The perilous environment surrounding Sandra put her between a rock and a hard place. Aiden too navigates through puzzling circumstances trying to save Sandra who was running from predic aments that unsympathetically never seemed to give her space to breathe. Even after an accident and Aiden’s leg is amputated-he didn’t lose hope; he optimistically went after Sandra just to bring her back home, to dry her tears, tears that he made her shed; he was in love. At last, Sandra, Aiden and Eleanor Agnes Odin-Aiden’s mother, found peace, love and acceptance. They then swore never to run away but rather face the vicious world and it’s nefariousness with courage and presumptuousness. A new life begins when Sandra and Aden get a fruit of their loins-Grace.

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    Remind Me To Forget is a collection of poems that talk about the challenges people go through. It touches on the pain that people undergo to satisfy others and how they live in a rotten society.

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  • One of the most quoted lines in the history of reading posits that “leaders are readers”. Ideally, all powerful leaders have the reading habit as evinced in this work of art. The thirst for knowledge, the want to know and the passion to be informed cuts across this book as the main thrust of all individuals that have acquired, exercised or controlled power from the medieval, antiquity, agrarian, industrial period through to the current information ages. The characters discussed here have changed the course of history through their direct or indirect actions in the fields of art, medicine, politics, religion and science. Some of them died without excess material possession but their contributions have influenced the nature of humanity to date.

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  • When Leadership Is Challenged is a collection of several researches in the bible history, social and political spheres, economical and governance aspects. The challenges that affected their yesterday were the problems of their today that ruined their tomorrow because they were not well dealt with.

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  • WALANYAMA ni diwani la mashairi yanayoonyesha taswira ya jamii ya sasa. Jamii ambayo imetawaliwa na dhulma, unyanyasaji, unafiki na jinsi mapenzi yamekosa maana kwa kuyapuuza maswala ya jadi.
    WALANYAMA ni nyenzo ya bahari mbalimbali za ushairi zilizoshughulikiwa kwa ukamilifu kwa manufaa ya jamii yote ya ulimwengu.

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  • LESS THAN EQUALS traces the longitudinal journey of marital relations from dating to engagement and the factors you need to look for in a prospective marriage partner. It also covers the vari ous stages of marriage – from a young couple without children to an elderly couple coping with an empty nest. It proposes the best practices of maneuvering and navigating through the issues that emerge at the various levels of the dyadic interaction.

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