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  • Levant Church – Chronicles of a Dark Awakening By Jacob Aliot

    A young pastor resorts to Old Testament rituals involving the sacrifice of live animals on the altar in a bid to differentiate his new-fangled Church and swell up the congregation.
    The blood sacrifices open a portal through which spirits flow from another dimension while bringing back the body of a young Maasai woman that was sacrificed at that very spot a century ago by a crazed chieftain.
    The young woman’s body is possessed by a vengeful, seductive spirit that was violently killed decades earlier. As the loosened spirits cause havoc amongst his congregation, the seductive spirit stalks the pastor in a murderous rampage that leads the pastor far from his chosen path and family.
    He pulls himself back from the precipice, and the spirit follows him, unaware that the path that he treads upon leads to its own perdition.
    As she is drawn toward her damnation, she leaves a piece of herself behind.

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