A Personal Money Nuggets Workbook book by Elizabeth Waithaka

A Personal Money Nuggets Workbook book by Elizabeth Waithaka.
A Personal Money Nuggets Work Book – Money Management is the foundation of all wealth building blocks

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Personal Money Nuggets is a curated workbook that puts together years of financial and money coaching that the author has conducted for different people. In the workbook, Elizabeth is offering to walk with you on the path of personal finances and get the necessary work done. In addition, she provides you with tools to discard the excitement of buying a new book or embarking on a new project or venture. The idea is to ensure that there will be progress in the right direction when you review your finances six months or 12 months from now.

This workbook will be your guide and accountability partner – the reminder that your financial success is a journey and not a destination. With this journey, you will work to:

  • Develop a healthy relationship with money
  • Set SMART personal Finance goals
  • Develop a savings discipline as life skills for individual livelihood and business improvement.
  • Identify Personal Financial Priorities.
  • Budget Effectively.
  • Know how to get out of and control debt.
  • Seek further financial help from a coach for the new levels of financial success.


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