An unmarked grave By Winfred Kawira Micheni

The Unmarked Grave and Other Stories is a collection of mostly?factual stories and a few fictitious ones handed down to me by my?late grandmother. Though fictional, there’s a clear lesson that’s?still applicable in our modern day society. All other factual stories?eg The Wingless Butterfly, Killed by Love and Holier Than Thou?happened in the author’s life and environment. The author’s keen eye?and ear are always on the ground, and therefore, by?documenting all those unfortunate events requires the society to?acknowledge them and act on them to get an amicable solution.
Everyone is sure to relate to one or two stories either directly or?indirectly. The choice of diction is relatively simple and downright?accurate and descriptive. Once you embark on reading the text,?you will not be able to put the book down.

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