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‘Benga Maestro the life and genius of Dr. Osito Kalle book by Okeyo Sojah and Agutu Onagi


‘Benga Maestro the life and genius of Dr. Osito Kalle book by Okeyo Sojah and Agutu Onagi

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‘Benga Maestro the life and genius of Dr. Osito Kalle book by Okeyo Sojah and Agutu Onagi

Benga Maestro’ is told through the lenses of Dr. Osito Kalle, the string doctor, Dokta Waya, and lyrical cricket who plucks and chirps out wisdom, traditional aphorism, humour, and consolation, to “edutain” his audience. A viable offspring of the Victoria Jazz family, stemming from his mentor’s Awino Lawi-led Victoria C, the Mabinju songbird has grown into a gallant ballad of his current Nabii Kings Band. Thus, Benga Maestro, narrates his Benga odysseys and magnanimously shares his foresight for music, its makers, and its consumers. It is a pleasurable exploration of both the kingly Kalle, and the benign world of Benga.

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