Hustler nation by Ochieng Ismail

HUSTLER NATION is a recently published political book of grand status like none ever witnessed in Kenya before. It’s inclusive in every facet painting a terribly nuanced portrait of Kenya’s current political affairs. HUSTLER NATION is a voice of change calling every Kenyan to take to perspective the current political situation  and decide on how he will shape the comming years.


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HUSTLER NATION is a lantern illuminating the intricate tapestry that shape Kenya’s contemporary reality in the wake of handing over power to President Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza.

From the resonance of tax reform to the cadence of an inflationary current and the melody of living standards, each page is a brushstroke painting a nuanced portrait of every unwaranted challenge and triumph of a Kenyan hustler.

You are yet to embark on a journey through an intellectual landscape as the author dissect the complexity of every Kenya Kwanza policy.

From the implication of the finance bill to fuel prices shaping daily life, you’ll get to confront the hustler experience behind difficult living condition.

This constitute an invitation to every Kenyan for good reason to reflect on prevailing socio-political dynamic shaping his life and be resolved on the succeeding ages.

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