LOVE ANTIGEN book by Ash Jay

A romantic and thrilling novel

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Love Antigen
When Bowman sets his eyes on his father’s critically ill patient in a hospital bed, feelings are stirred deep in him rendering him speechless. Is it pity, infatuation, love or just some overwhelming internal emotional explosion. From that day on, his life takes on a new dimension. But soon he begins to question whether he has been ensnared in an emotional trap for which he needs an antidote. An implosion of regret begins to take place in his heart and he is on the verge of detaching himself from anything that has mattered to him in life. All this takes place in the backdrop of an international crime syndicate that he has been investigating, a case that he cracks but with disastrous results to himself.


_“I take time to look at the girl I fell in love with, it was love at first sight. I remember that day vividly as if it was yesterday, how her beautiful face made me forget my name, how it made my heart churn when her eyelashes fluttered and earth stop rotating when she moistened her velvet lips. Here we are, we have never had peace and I am giving up personally…_

_…With that I walk away, back to my father’s bedroom. I leave her looking lost, I thought it would be easy to tell her those words but I feel so much pain in my heart. I also thought I had found someone I loved but there are things that can make one forget what love is. This is one of them.”_
_—Love Antigen_


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