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Principles for personal greatness By Jackson Beracah


As believers, our effective progress in life is endorse of growth and the Right
Principles of Function. Nothing progresses effectively, unless by the Right Principles
of Function. We are beings of principles! Thus, we reccive and respond to things,
situations, people and circumstances, by virtue of the principles we know and
engage accordingly. Our knowledge of the right principles is the factor that
determines our progress and effectiveness in life. However, personal knowledge of
principles is not cough. Arriving at a place of seeing desirable results, one has to
engage all the right principles accordingly and with an in-depth of understanding
the rules of engagement that determine effective results.
Every passing minute, millions of people kecp making resolutions to change
one thing or the other in their lives. Some of these resolutions work, just as others
don’t. I call these resolutions Personal Agreements.’ Agreements to the Right
Principles of Function, are what make for the backbone of our lives philosophy,
theology and ideology. They necessitate the foundation of our successes or failures.
We are conduits of cffective progress, by virtue of agreements to principles that
birth results and their right engagement.
The aim of this book is to create in you a resilient spirit that will not be rocked
away by issues, challenges and troubles of life. It endeavors to reveal key principles
that are needful to stay buoyant, during deleterious experiences, while helping you
connect to the only true-source of power. The principles herein, will help you
realize that life is not just the composite of what you see alone but what you don’t
see. Thus, our understanding of principles determine at great capacity, the
perspectives we have of life, situations, people, blessings, progress, stagnation,
successes, or failures. How you manage your successes, failures, errors, or mistakes,
determine not only your value but the knowledge, understanding and right
engagement of principles

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