The Fundamentals of Strategic Writing: A Guide to Goal-oriented, Objective, High-quality Visible Writing by Vincent de Paul

Do you find writing?whether a correspondence letter, memo, formal email, or report?a challenge?

In a world where everyone is busy, you don?t want your reader to ignore your text because you did not communicate clearly. And they shouldn?t have to read through tons of text to get to your message.

Writing may sound difficult, but it doesn?t have to be, especially focused, objective, and visible high-quality writing, regardless of your professional background or speciality.

That?s what this book is all about?honing your strategic writing skills. Whoever you are writing for should understand what you want to communicate right from the onset, from the first paragraph, and even the first sentence.

This book will give you enduring fundamentals to help you produce accurate, concise, and clear information for your reader.

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