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The Lone dancer book by Joe Kiarie


The Lone Dancer is a story about the ethereal nature of the pre-colonial society. It is the powerful story of intrigue,
passion and betrayal, synonymous with the lust for power and wealth:

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The Lone dancer book by JOE KIARIE

Joe Kiarie was born on 14th February 1962, at Limuru, Kiambu District. He went to Nyeri High School for his ‘O’ levels and later joined Lenana School from where he cleared his ‘A’ levels in 1981. He graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in 1987 with a  bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering.

He also holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Information Technology. He worked for Kenya Farmers Association as a workshop manager before Joining KARI in 1994. Currently, he is a consultant in
Land Resources Management and Environmental Impact and Auditing Assessment. He is married with four children.

After her co-wives successfully conspire to set her up against her once unswerving husband, Nduta and her son are declared outcasts and have to be belligerently condemned to a pit full of hyenas. It is only a mother’s tenacity which aids her to escape from the village that so much bays for her blood. With only the talisman to hold on to, how will she and her son survive the perilous wild, the hostile villagers and the hunger for wealth and revenge? In a harsh world and without a pedigree, they must find a safe haven. The road is bumpy, treacherous and sometimes life-threatening.

The Lone Dancer is a story about the ethereal nature of the pre-colonial society. It is the powerful story of intrigue,
passion and betrayal, synonymous with the lust for power and wealth:

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