THE REWIRED MAN book by Don Otieno

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THE REWIRED MAN book by Don Otieno

THE REWIRED MAN is a beautiful and engrossing book on self-awareness and measured adventure of a changed man.

The book ? anchored on the captivating story of a father, husband and lover of Christ ? dissects the pit moments that most men grapple with as they embark on the daunting journey of life. That although there are times in your life as a man ? where your robe of many colors will be stripped off your back and yourself thrown into a pit ? remember that there is life after the pit.

This book is a reminder that self-awareness is essential for becoming the Rewired Man that God has purposed for you using a redefined manCODE.

You will need others to give you an honest review of your character and keep you strong and accountable as you journey towards greater
integrity. Be that Man ? The Rewired Man.


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