Lee Njiru - Author

Lee Njiru – Author

Embu people are renowned for their loyalty to their employers. This is attested by Lee Njiru, retired President Daniel arap Moi’s Press Secretary who even after retirement continues to be his aide. He is the longest serving head of the Presidential Press Service in former president Daniel arap Moi’s regime and accompanied his boss in retirement to be his personal aide.
Born in Runyenjes 70 years ago, Lee Niru is a perfect example of a faithful servant. Having completed his A-level in Kangaru school in 1968, Njiru briefly worked at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) in 1969.
He later joined the Kenya School of Mass Communications in 1974 and graduated with a certificate in 1976. Njiru later joined the Kenya News Agency in 1977 and was then recruited to the PPU.
Njiru was a good writer and a hardworking journalist. He would be up by 5am and worked till late in the night.
As a reporter with the PPU, Njiru used to write good feature stories about Moi who had taken interest in him and called him over for a chat.
From then on, the chemistry between them grew stronger and stronger. As is his trademark, Moi was known to reward those who were loyal to him and during the 1982 attempted coup, Niru was one of those who were close to Moi in the trying moment in re-establishing his authority after he survived being overthrown.
Sources in the previous government say Niru was one of Moi’s favourite aides.

Even when on a trip outside the country, it was not uncommon for Moi to call him aside for a chat. Severally they would burst into hearty laughter.
Njru’s family is one of the wealthiest and most successful in Runyenjes, Embu East. However, as an individual, Njiru’s publicly known investments are a pale comparison to his peers in the corridors of power. Among the few known assets include Kenwide Media Services, a real estate in Nakuru and printing presses in Nairobi.
He also owns some plots in Nairobi. The Public Service Commission recently extended Njiru’s contract to head the former president’s press until 2020. Lee Njiru, a proud son of the soil and true Emberian… He finally has a new book A memoir President’s Pressman

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