Behind The Scenes And Other Stories

The fifteen stories in this anthology are hundred percent Eastern African. Most of them have been authored by budding narrators as they confidently take a plunge to claim space in the literary world.

The thematic aspect delved into in these stories includes, gender relationships and roles, human rights abuse, corruption, love, betrayal and vengeance.. These vivid narrations explore human nature, life, and diverse aspects that spice it.

Contributing Authors

1. Mugure Thagichu- Kenya
2.Mawut Achiek-Sudan
3.Eugene Rop-Kenya
4.Wincate Wanja-Kenya
5.Brian Nzomo-Kenya
6.Wangui Wa Ruga-Kenya
7.Kimani Kabengi-Kenya
8.Julia Waithira-Kenya
9.Wangui Kanyeki-Kenya
10.Juma Jestic–Kenya
11.Akinyi Anguja-Kenya
12.Edwin Ochieng-Kenya
13.Valencia Nasimiyu-Kenya
14.Ian Ingara-Kenya

Compiler: Nahashon Harrison


Conquest by will By Nahashon Harrison

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