ME, YOU, WE AND DIVERSITY book by Susan Omondi

ME, YOU, WE & Diversity ist the right book today for you.

Every person is diverse. You are diverse in your personality and talents. As you get to know yourself better and better and identify what is limiting you, you pave a wonderful path for magical encounters. This book shows you how to unleash that magic and diversity within you.

Experiencing true diversity starts with little things and chance encounters in everyday life – with surprisingly big effects – whether at home, at work, or on the road. It is my desire to accompany you with selected anecdotes.


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ME, YOU, WE & DIVERSITY book by Susan Omondi

ME, YOU, WE & Diversity: 47 magical ways locals and non-locals meet each other. No politics and no division, finally living and experiencing diversity in everyday professional and social life.

We fear what we don’t know. No matter what country or culture we come from or what color our skin is, we all have this primal fear of the unknown. This diffuse fear that we share is also the thing that separates us from one another. Hardly any other topic is as charged with such controversy, polarization, doubt and inhibitions as the topic of integration. With her book, 47 magical ways locals and non-locals meet each other, Susan Omondi sets out to overcome the rifts that divide us. Profound, touching and always humorous, the Kenyan-born author tells stories from her everyday life, raises awareness of racism and sheds light on the perspectives of both immigrants or “non-locals” and locals.

As an author, keynote speaker, moderator and trainer, Omondi’s main focus is on diversity in the workplace and the great professional and human opportunities that come with overcoming our fears and prejudices. She lives out the motto: “When we engage with one another, magic happens”.

This book is right for you if you deal with the topics of diversity and integrity in your professional and social environment (we all do!) and want to act more confidently or simply want to be more open towards your fellow human beings. Without political polarization, it offers you everyday suggestions and food for thought for approaching the topic of diversity in a human and practical way. After all, racism affects us all. You will find:

• Broadening of horizons and openness towards the world
• Suggestions for open interaction with non-locals
• Understanding for the challenge of integration
• Knowledge of enrichment through immigration
• Explanations of structural racism and everyday discrimination
• Practical examples for everyday life
• Foundations for new friendships, partnerships and thus more success in life

This book is right for you if you interact with integration and everyday racism on a daily basis (we all do!) because of your origin, your name or your skin color and want to be happy and successful in your new country. It provides effective and positive support to help you move from the role of being the victim to taking self-responsibility and becoming strong. In this book you will find:

• Positive experiences in dealing with discrimination
• Ways to develop your potential
• Support for strengthening your self-confidence
• Tips for demanding professional recognition and respect
• Valuable tips to be yourself in a foreign environment
• Understanding for your fear of losing your roots
• Ways to fulfill your desire for integration

No politics, no division – Susan Omondi captivates with stories from real everyday life, from real people. In 47 Ways, she explains the daily pitfalls of integration for locals and non-locals and how you can overcome them. With this book, you will finally unleash the full magic of diversity for your professional and social environment.

Together we can become successful through diversity and integration!

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