SINS OF OUR FATHERS book by Sumaneet Kirgit

Sins of our Fathers is a teenage fiction depicting child deprivation amidst family opulence and wealth.
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Sins of our Fathers is an insightful book that takes you on a journey through the life of Miranda Kemboi, a woman who grew up amidst luxury and privilege but who constantly struggled with the absence of her parents. When tragedy strikes and her parents are brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances, her world is shattered. As the sole heir to the family business, she faces a dilemma – to inherit a legacy she never wanted any part of.

Miranda finds herself in the crosshairs of danger, receiving death threats that hint at a dark force determined to unravel the mysteries of her family’s past. As she struggles with the haunting truth of her parents’ murder, she must confront the demons of her upbringing and discover the connection between her past and the perilous present.


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