The Journey from Kamagut Village to State House

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The Journey from Kamagut Village to State House

His Excellency President Dr. William Samoei Ruto is the current President of the Republic of Kenya from 13th September 2022 on United Democratic Alliance party (UDA) under Kenya kwanza Coalition.He is a Kenyan politician who is serving as the fifth and current president of Kenya.Prior to becoming president, he served as the 11th deputy president of Kenya from 2013 to 2022.He previously served in several cabinet positions such as the Ministry for Home Affairs, the Ministry for Agriculture and as Minister for Higher Education.

The journey from Kamagut village to State House,is a biography of it’s kind.It clearly pictures the life of Dr. William Samoei Ruto from his humble beginnings in Kamagut village, his education journey and his political career. This is the first book to be written about Dr. Ruto.

This is the official biography of Kenya’s fifth President Dr.William Ruto.Some of the insights you need to expect in this biography is the full inspirational story of how a chicken seller and a huslter who had no connection rose to power and became Kenya’s fifth President.Of course the full story of the handshake, the grand Uhuruto fallout,Kenya’s general elections (especially 1992,1997,2002,2017,2022 and 2027),YK-92, Cambridge analytica and many more interesting stories about Dr.William Ruto and Kenya’s politics.

This is one the most serious books ever written in this country.It digs deeper into Kenya’s history and politics.This book answers alot of questions about the current situation of our country,Kenya.

Author Mzee Warsame is consultant,novelist,playwright, best selling author,world class speaker and a businessman.He is the author of best selling books.He has written 14 books.He is a media personality who has worked for the top media houses in Kenya.He is also a columnist who writes on topical issues in Kenya’s leading newspapers and magazines.He does charity through his organization, Warsame Orphans Fund,where he pays school fees for 97 orphans in primary, secondary and colleges/university students.Warsame has visited more than 700 secondary schools,more than 200 primary schools and more than 100 polytechnics, colleges and universities in the country.He has mentored more than one million young learners in the country.He is one of the most sought after consultants globally.

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