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This project is to improve the educational status of poor and vulnerable child and Youth  groups in KENYA. The specific objectives of the project are to initiate communities to advocate for support and education of poor children, to increase the easy access of learning books and materials, to increase the access of poor children to education, to change the life condition of poor children through education and to empower these households economically.

We connect the Young generation to donated used and New books for free and any financial support.


Education is central to all and especially to in the fight against poverty and discrimination, access to education and books is very low. This is because of several reasons. The first cause is poverty itself.

Children in slum areas and rural communities have been denied access to proper education with schools lacking basic facilities, teachers being unmotivated and frequently absent. Even those who eventually make it through twelve years of schooling graduate lacking even basic skills, making it impossible to seek gainful employment or pursue higher education.

Reversing this situation is of paramount importance for empowering poor children and their families to this end, KLP  has planned to support the poor children’s Education and also empower their families economically to sustain their education but finance is a challenge.

Slum and rural medium schools provide quality school education to slum children in Kenya who cannot otherwise access or afford it. The schools adopt a nurturing, holistic approach to education, helping children learn joyfully. Book donations go towards critical learning material and learning aids.


Education is the only ladder for these poor and  slum children to climb out of poverty. This creates bright future for these  children. The schools actively promote girl education which is key to any society hence to us as well. . This schools support more than 200 children impacting 1,000+ actively and positively in the community.

A part of KIBANGABOOKS Sales  profits goes into this Charity.

We’ve launched an initiative dedicated to serving needy children/Students/Schools. Do you have books that are gathering dust somewhere? They need them. We need them.

We Receive the books, sort them out for appropriate age groups, this, ensures the books you donate can be used effectively by the target group (ensure books received are in usable condition (not torn and scribbled)

We are currently working and supporting M.O.C KIBERA PRIMARY SCHOOL, Malindi Progressive School and Ummul Qura Senior School.

They say knowledge is the only thing that increases when you give away freely. And we agree.

Long-Term Impact

Children passing out of the school would have received a good quality education with holistic development, which would enable them to realize their full potential in any field they choose.

This education is the key to lifting them and their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Schools lead to improved quality of education producing more confident and educated children.

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