Thitu Kariba – Author

Thitu Kariba, author of My Crown of Beauty for Ashes  for those who know about her, is “The healing Ambassador”, an “instrument” of restoration and reformation through various tools, different modes of communication and love. Her first-hand experience of child abuse, rape, depression and recovery have led her to use her life story to bring about awareness and understanding, which could enable prevention and healing with respect to these vices. Thitu writes from her day-to-day experiences and lessons learned. None of her writing is fictional. Her approach to healing is to use all forms of communication, including TV (as she does through her show Beauty for Ashes) and the written word, among others. 

Thitu is inspired by her day-to-day willingness to act, make mistakes, learn and share freely related experiences as she does with fans on social media daily. Her ability to hold nothing back and be completely open and forthcoming with her experiences makes her unique, relatable. She is a true believer that truth and love are the keys and tools of healing, restoration and transformation. Thitu also teaches that when life events knock you down, one does not have to break but can instead bounce.

Thitu holds a diploma in mass communication, and is certified both as a counseling psychologist and a Zumba fitness instructor.  She has worked for the Kenya Broadcasting Network as a TV show presenter/host, and as a guest speaker for Capital after hours on healing and relationships. Further, she has written on relationships for the Capital Lifestyle Magazine, and maintains a blog and online magazine on spiritual living. As a fitness instructor Thitu completes the cycle of health that addresses physical health and well-being.

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